Moulding can be used and found in almost any room around the home.  From hiding gaps, covering edges, bordering the openings of windows and doors, or simply just to add the decorative detail for that professional finishing touch on your project.  Moulding is very versatile and comes in many different styles and materials. Your Arcadia Window & Door professional will be happy to assist you in finding what fits you best. 


Decorative baseboards are the moulding that run along the lowest part of your wall, or the “base”. There are many different variations of materials and designs, so our professionals can help pick out the best fit for you. 


Typically referred to as "window casing" adds a decorative look to the interior window and door openings. 


Crown moulding is a decorative board that is typically placed on the highest part of the wall to cover the edge that that is made when the wall meets the ceiling. 


Flexible millwork is used when your project requires curved or radius moulding, such as going around a corner or wrapping a pillar. 


With our mill on site we can fill your custom order- from crown, to chair rail, and baseboard