When planning for home improvements there are extensive decisions to make, at Arcadia Window & Door our team is dedicated to making sure our customers get what they are looking for. Our design center and showroom will give you a true feel for different products on the market.

Swing Doors

Swing doors are the common side hinged door, named for their function of swinging open and closed. Swing doors are highly customizable and are available in numerous different product lines. 

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Sliding Glass Doors

The classic "arcadia door" typically will have one side of the door fixed while the other slides open and closed on a track. Sliding glass doors can attribute natural light, easy access and ventilation when needed to a room. 

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Doors With Sidelights

Doors with sidelights are typically used to add a decorative touch to an entry door by adding a combination of glass inserts on the sides of the door. There are many different styles of sidelights allowing for the entry way your house and make your entryway a great focal point. 

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Dutch Doors

A Dutch door consists of two panels which are split horizontally, allowing the top and bottom of the door to be closed independently. Usually, the bottom panel is left closed, while the top is left open to allow circulation and light.

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Interior Doors

Much like our exterior products, interior doors come in plenty of styles and choices to fit your style. Solid wood interior doors make for a great buffer against sound, they are also superior in regards to wear and insulation. Hollow core interior doors are the more affordable product but are not as likely to hold up through time. 

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